You guys asked for a video talking all about my brows, lips and lashes! I had all of my tattooing and my lash lift done at AMY JEAN EYE COUTURE in Sydney. Please know that this is not a sponsored video and I just genuinely bloody love my treatments and many of you asked for a video. ‘Talky’ videos are super difficult to film and edit because I end up rambling for like 2 hours so its a nightmare to organise the clips into an easy to follow and concise way but I’m happy with this video and hope it answers your burning questions!

All the costs are on Amy’s website linked below but the lash lift is roughly $115, and the tattooing is about $700 and go up depending on the stylist so make sure you check.

Amy Jean does way more other services like brow sculpting, waxing, eyeliner tattoos etc. I can’t recommend her and her teams enough – what she does is amazing. But please note the Sydney salon is generally booked out weeks to months in advance so prepare for that if you’re interested in booking.


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