How To Make Eyeshadow Primer

How To Make Eyeshadow Primer:

Simple and easy recipe to make your own eyeshadow primer! It works really well for me, so try it out! I prefer white, unscented, nongreasy body butter, that way it will absorb into the skin and not sit on top. The reason why I recommend liquid foundation/concealer is because of its staying power on the skin. however, if used alone, it will be too dry. the body butter is emollient, and will absorb into the skin, but have enough moisture for shadows to stick. You only need a little bit each time, so a little goes a long way~ It also moisturizes your eyelid too, so win-win!!

1:1 White body butter: liquid concealer/foundation
(i am using the Bliss body butter from Sephora, I just squeezed it out of the tube, and Cargo One base concealer + Foundation).

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