Making an Anti Wrinkle Eye Gel with Peptides

Using Carbomer to Make an Eye Gel

Now we are going to turn or Carbomer Gel from earlier into an Eye Gel that has anti-wrinkle properties.

Add some (about 3 scoops of Carbomer), into a little container and add different peptides such as Tripeptide-5, Argireline, and Haloxyl, only (0.2-0.5%) of each peptide is needed, for dark circles.

Stir well.

It will still be really nice and gelly and it will stay clear because the added ingredients are clear and don’t have any emulsification properties. The finished product is now a nice eye cream with a lot of anti-aging properties.

Ingredients used:
*Carbomer Eye Gel Base

*Please see our how to video for Carbomer Eye Gel Base here:

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