Permanent Makeup Brows Tutorial by Linda Dixon MD

This tutorial includes Pain control, brow design, color choice and hair strokes and is helpful for beginners. Brow shape and color are vital to a pleasing appearance. Older clients lose the outer third of their brow with aging so restoring the brow with color has an anti-aging effect too. This client had orange browse from work done in Texas five years earlier. You’ll see how to measure the brow for symmetry with the Brow Buddy and control the unwanted orange with Kolorsource Blonde NuBrown. Dr. Dixon adds texture to the brown with some hair strokes and builds on the existing brow shape to enhance the client’s eyes. The use of Brow stencils as a guide are illustrated. The Slope® Needle which she developed is used in the Nouveau Contour Digital 1000 machine. A follow-up procedure was completed after her initial healing period to cover more of the orange. The client feels “beautiful” now and we’ll post a photo soon of her final result. We put in more hair strokes at her touch up. Thank you.

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