Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Slope® Technique Linda Dixon MD

Control pain and work effectively with Dr. Dixon’s Slope® Technique. Working with a 3-Slope Needle in a Nouveau Contour Brand digital machine, you’ll learn to “train your brain” by painting on the pigment first to get the desired eyeliner shape. The delicate eyelid skin bruises easily but should not bleed. Find that “sweet spot” in the dermis where the color will stay. If you go too deep, you’ll get color into the muscle and won’t be able to see it. Do not overstretch the eyelid or you can get pigment into the wrong area. Dr. Dixon applies a “cocktail” mixture of topical anesthetics Cum fast, Microcline and Ultra Duration for 20 minutes before she starts. She cleans and keeps the eyelid numb with Numpot soothing ointment. Kolorsource Pigments used: Black Suede on Upper Eyeliner and Browneyes on Lower Eyeliner. Supplies.

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