Pinterest Busters: DIY Eye Makeup Remover for Less Than 10 Cents an Ounce?

Can you make eye makeup remover at home for less than 10 cents an ounce? This pin says so! AND it claims to perform better than top makeup removers sold in stores! See for yourself whether or not this is a Pinterest Busters win or a fail.

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Eye make-up remover is so darn expensive!
Here is a quick and cheap DIY Eye Make-up Remover recipe.
If you have kids, you’ll have the materials!
If you don’t… and you have to buy ingredients,
well, you’ll spend less than 3 dollars!
And get at least 30 bottles of remover.

1 C water
1½ TBSP Baby Shampoo (tear-free)
⅛ TSP Baby Oil (Coconut Oil or Olive Oil) EDIT! Due to the overwhelming response to my use of Baby Oil.

Please Note: Some say you should not use Baby Oil on your face, others say you should not use it period. If you are worried about its effects, just use Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. I will say that I have super duper expensive eye cream, that has mineral oil in it… added I don’t see a problem with it, BUT that’s just me. =) I mean c’mon… it’s like literally a DROP of oil you’re using. LOL. To each his own. Next time I make it I’ll probably try the coconut oil.

Mixing Bowl
Measuring cup/spoons
Bottle to put finished product in (I used an empty medicine bottle; an empty baby oil bottle would work GREAT)
Small funnel (or improvise like me)

1. Combine ingredients.
2. Stir. (I shook mine. Oops!)
3. Pour – I didn’t have a funnel.. and didn’t feel like messing with a make-shift one.
I poured the mix from the bowl into a plastic cup (I guess I could have just mixed it in the cup?!) I squeezed the top of the cup into a point and poured. Worked just fine.

Music by Josh (Golden Sunrise)
and (Beachfront Celebration, Hustle)

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